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Demystified: Artificial Intelligence in Property & Casualty

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Insurance has not fundamentally changed significantly since its inception, but the world has. Today, there is an overwhelming amount of information and data, but it can be difficult to take advantage of it. Climate change presents a growing threat to where we build, how we live, and what can be insured. The advent of the internet has primed consumers for instantaneous gratification. And razor-thin insurance company margins are further squeezed by costly and time-consuming on-site inspections and new business quoting.

How do you create a frictionless policyholder experience if you’re relying on long questionnaires? How do you capture the ever-changing risk in renewals or prevent premium leakage?

How do we get to a one-click purchase? How can it be done with accuracy? 

In this webinar, Arturo's Chief Strategy Officer, Neil Pearson, and Vice President of Artificial Intelligence, Dr. Daniela Moody, break down:

How the combined forces of climate change, increasing competition in insurance, hard-to-scale legacy processes, and the explosion of imagery are pushing the industry to adopt new technology
How AI gives us the ability to mimic how the human brain thinks, and what we do to train AI models to “see” property characteristics
How AI can be used in action across the policy continuum, seeing the journey of a single home over time as an example
And how this technology can help increase quote conversions by 13%, increase accuracy and reduce premium leakage by 20%, and shave 30 minutes per claim


Meet the Speakers

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Neil Pearson

Chief Strategy Officer at Arturo

Neil Pearson is the Chief Strategy Officer at Arturo. He is the former Vice President of Data Strategy and Innovation at CoreLogic. Neil has 10+ years experience in product development thought leadership across the geospatial and imagery analytics space.

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Daniela Moody

Vice President of Artificial Intelligence at Arturo

As Vice President of Artificial Intelligence, Daniela Moody works with her team to develop geospatial solutions that help insurance carriers become more successful. Prior to Arturo, Daniela served as Chief Technology Officer at Ursa Space Systems, developing synthetic aperture radar (SAR) analytics.