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Arturo will be at the PLRB Claims Conference from March 17 - 20 in Boston, Massachusetts!

Schedule a meeting or stop by booth #1331 to talk with our team about how Arturo delivers accurate insights for timely claims management so processing times and operational costs diminish while customer relationships endure.

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Clarity for the past, present and future of property.

Arturo leads the way in using computer vision models during natural disasters to streamline the entire claims process, allowing adjusters to make quick, smart, and fair decisions — all without a single foot hitting the ground. 

How Australia's Second Largest Carrier Used Arturo for Rapid Cat Response

In 2022, the East Coast of Australia received a year’s worth of rain in six weeks. As the rain began, the Arturo and Suncorp teams accelerated the delivery of their next solution: flooding. The ask was simple: how fast could the teams collaborate on developing analytics to understand which properties were underwater and by how much?

>1 week

improved in response time to customers in the wake of major catastrophic events 


improved accuracy and reduced premium leakage

30 mins

saved per property claim due to accuracy and minimized rework