Accuracy, Automation and Efficiency: How AI is Improving Workflows in Property Insurance Claims

Optimizing claims starts with data and technology that can help you decide with intelligence. In this report, you will:

  • Unpack the power (and problems) that come with using data.

  • Discover how AI can help across the claims cycle.

  • Learn what the future holds for claims in P&C insurance.

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Decide with intelligence. Decide with Arturo. 

"Arturo definitely helps provide faster notification to the customer’s claim. It will improve our assessment time which is of great value to loyal customers."

“Previously, we’d spend half an hour searching for properties. This time is now spent on value adding activities.”

“Arturo allows us to identify customer safety issues. We can see what a home is made of and identify potential risks that the customers may be exposed to.”

“Arturo will play a big role in identifying and reducing fraudulent claims. The ability to identify pre-existing issues will save money on claims in the future.”